Setouchi International Yacht Rally 2024 Guide

Welcome to Setouchi International Yacht Rally !
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Setouchi International Yacht Rally 2024 (the Rally) is organized by Japan Ocean Cruising Club, who sets up Rally Office to operate the Rally. Please read through this page and follow Steps for Your Application below to join the Rally !

The Rally Itinerary: April 28th (Sun) – May 26 (Sun) 2024

* Lat/Long of Ports and Marinas, Marinas Web Pages, Sightseeing Guides …

Iki Island 33 44.8805N 129 40.7018E
Setouchi Rally starts with the Ocean Cruising Club 70th Anniversary Event.
Iki Island

Beppu 33.27891N 131.50764E
Beppu Kitahama Yacht Harbour Beppu Onsen Sightseeing

Nio 34 12.300N 133 38.078E
Nio Marina Mt. Shiude Chichibuga-hama Beach

Yuge-shima Island 34 15.466N 133 12.206E
Yuge Sea Station Yuge Sightseeing
Hot Spa Fespa Hot Spa Shionoyu
BBQ with Yuge College students 2019 2018

Onomichi 34 24.480N 133 12.185E
Onomichi Sea Station Onomichi Sightseeing

Bella Vista 34 23.483N 133 17.083E
Bella Vista Marina Shinsho-ji Temple
Fire Works at TomonoUra

Types of Participation and Rally Fees

There are two types of participation: Type A is for those who participate in the entire 5-ports-visit Rally. Type B is for those who participate in the Rally only at one or two port(s) on weekend(s). Type B has B1 at Beppu, B2 at Nio, B3 at Yuge, B4 at Onomichi and B5 at Bella Vista.

In both types, Total Rally Fee consists of Boat Fee and Crew FeeBoat Fee includes berth mooring fees, Rally Flag, national flags and so on. Crew (including Captain) Fee includes fees for parties, meetings and town walkings described above, and Rally T-shirt and so on.

[Type A] Participation in the entire 5-ports-visit Rally.
Boat Fee: JPY 50,000 /monohull boat,  JPY90,000 /catamaran boat
Crew (including Captain) Fee: JPY 65,000 /person.

Fee Example: When you join the Rally with your partner with Type A entire 5-ports-visit aboard your monohull boat, your Boat Fee is JPY 50,000 and your Crew Fee is JPY 130,000 for two persons. Then, your Total Rally Fee is JPY 180,000, which is about US$1,225.

[Type B] Participation only at one or two port(s) on weekend(s).

[Type B1] Participation at Beppu
Boat Fee: JPY 29,000/monohull,  JPY48,000/catamaran
Crew (including Captain) Fee: JPY 11,000/person

[Type B2] Participation at Nio
Boat Fee: JPY 19,000/monohull, JPY 28,000/catamaran
Crew (including Captain) Fee: JPY 17,000/person

[Type B3] Participation at Yuge
Boat Fee: JPY 9,000/monohull, JPY 9,000/catamaran
Crew (including Captain) Fee: JPY 19,000/person

[Type B4] Participation at Onomichi
Boat Fee: JPY 9,000/monohull, JPY 9,000/catamaran
Crew (including Captain) Fee: JPY 17,000/person

[Type B5] Participation at Bella Vista
Boat Fee: JPY 25,000/monohull,  JPY 41,000/catamaran
Crew (including Captain) Fee: JPY 20,000/person

Captain, Crew and Boat Qualifications

1. The over-30ft-long boat is owned by the captain or a member of the crew. No charter boat is allowed.
2. The number of the crew including the captain is two or more.
3. The captain agrees to comply with Rally Rules below.

Rally Rules

1. The captain is responsible for the security of the boat and the crew at sea and on shore both. Taking actions in accordance with Japanese law is also the responsibility of the captain.
2. The captain should attend the skippers’ meeting hosted by Rally Office and to communicate with the rally leader as requested by Rally Office. The captain should follow Rally Office instructions on berthing, time schedule and/or anchorage change.
3. The crew including the captain is participating in the Rally of their own free will and at their own risk. The captain is responsible for the seaworthiness and safe navigation of the boat. The decision of whether to start, continue or retire in consideration of the weather conditions present or forecast, or other conditions lies entirely with the captain of each boat. If retiring or delaying departure from any port, the captain must report its action to Rally Office. The captain shall disseminate the above to the crew before starting.
4. Rally Boat must display the national flag of the country of registration, a Japan courtesy flag, and Rally Flag.
5.  No commercial activities can be conducted on a Rally Boat. Crew and/or friends on a Rally Boat can not be fare-based passengers.
6. The captain is responsible for Personal Injury Liability and any compensation in the event of an accident caused by his/her crew or boat. The captain should deal with them by his/her own boat insurance and so on.
7. Rally Boat is sailing under the sole responsibility of the owner/skipper and crew. Rally Office, the Local Committee, The Secretariat, Sponsors and Supporters, Managements of Marinas and Port Authorities and any person connected with the organization of the Rally, bear no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience to any yacht, to crew members, to third parties or other yachts howsoever arising directly or indirectly from their rules, policy, courses or rulings during the Rally or related activities.
8. If you does not comply with the conditions of participation, your application will not be accepted. Even in the middle of the Rally, Rally Office can refuse the participation with the same reasons. Rally Office retains the right to make any necessary inspection of Rally Boats on board.
9. Photographs and/or movies taken in the Rally activities can be used at Rally Office websites and SNS etc. and/or Rally participants’ websites and SNS etc.

Steps for Your Application

Rally Office accepts applications the-first-come-first-served basis. The max boat number is ten because of the ports capacity and the minimum is five. When  there is a friction between Type A boat and Type B boat, Type A boat will take a priority. The application will be closed on Mar 10, 2024.

Step 1

Prepare your information and your file below:

– Captain’s name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, residence address, T-shirt size (see below), a brief explanation of sailing experience, etc.
– Every crew members name, e-mail address, T-shirt size (see below), etc.
– Boat name, length, draft and the mast height from the sea level, i.e. air height, etc.
– PDF or JPEG copy of your boat registration paper.
– Insurance policy number of your boat insurance.

T-shirt size table. Unit cm. 
WS, WM, WL for women     S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL for men

Shirt Length596164667074788284
Shoulder Width343638444750535659
Sleeve Length151617192022242626

Step 2

Enter the information and upload the file to Rally 2024 Entry Form page.

Checking received your information and the file, Rally Office sends you a mail for the next Step. In some cases you might be discussed with Rally Office and/or refused to participate.

Step 3

Calculating the total amount of Rally Fee, Rally Office sends you an invoice with Rally Office bank account. 

If no payment  is made within 3 weeks after the notice from Rally Office above, Rally Office will ask you your payment time schedule.

Step 4

With confirming your payment of Rally Fee, you should be notified the completion of the Rally entry process.

As an option, Rally Office will ask your boat picture to be introduced at Setouchi Rally Facebook Page.

Refund Policy

1) When Rally Office cancels the Rally because of a pandemic for example, 100% of the paid Rally Fee is refunded.

2) When the participant gives Rally Office a canceling notice by March 10, 2024, 100% of the paid Rally Fee is refunded. When it is the notice by April 10, 2024, 80% of the paid Rally Fee is refunded. No refund after April 10, 2024.

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